• Rent a Boat for the Day! Choose one of our Bennington Pontoons!

    Offered Daily
    425 US dollars

Once you've booked your day on the water- the rest is easy!

On the day of your rental just come inside our showroom and we will have you sign a few papers and

then lead you to your rental for the day. It's that simple!

March-October Rental Hours of Operation:

Monday- Thursday 9:30-5:30

Friday-Sunday 9:30-6:30

Important Information about our Boat Rentals 

  • Each boat will start out with a full tank of gas and must be filled upon return at renter's expense. 

  • Maximum 10 person capacity (No exceptions)

  • Boat Operator Must be 21 years of age or older. Driver's License is Required.

  • We provide basic life jackets- please feel free to bring vest for a more comfortable fit. 

  • Renter must submit vehicle keys to Pier 43 during the duration of the rental. 

  •  NO Overnight Rentals Allowed. 

  • Absolutely NO Alcohol or Smoking is Allowed. (Lake Tuscaloosa is a Dry Lake)

  • NO Pets Allowed on Boats.

  • Refunds are not allowed. If the weather is unsuitable for boating then your booking will be 

rescheduled for a future day.